My name is Francetta and I am a self-taught designer who loves colors and has a flair for drama. These have been the drivers behind my designs. I am from Sierra Leone, West Africa and my daily challenge is showcasing authentic African garb with a Western flair. My designs can be likened to a kaleidoscope; everything coming together in a blaze of colors. I fuses cultures together in a practical form. I use several mediums for my work; web, print, fabric etc. My garments are meant to enhance a woman's beauty and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or the mood of wearer. They are meant to bring out the gypsy gene of the wearer.

I cater for all events; Mother-Daughter parties, Bridal Parties, Quinceneras, Graduation, Death and Birth.

My Event-Planning line encompasses a

•Customized website building, hosting and maintaining

•Low key catering which includes a bakery line and specialty pieces – made to order cakes, wine and cheese trays, candy store arrangements and fruit.

•Personalized place setting – venue backdrop decoration, table setting, and unique centerpieces – all catered to the client’s specifications

•I can also help outfit your guests to match the tone of the event.

•Planning transportation to and from the event

•Designing and sending invitations and brochures to attendees

•Coordinating guest lists

•Arranging any necessary accommodations for attendees

•Coordinating the activities of event personnel

•Supervising at the event

•Conducting evaluations of the event

I have relationships with quality vendors and can also assist you with the following;

 Finding a celebration venue

 Arranging for food and entertainment

Simply use the Contact Us page to get the details to me and I will design an event plan that meets your approval and within your budget.

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