This page supports payments for customized orders. Please click on your personalized package and use the Buy Now link below to submit your payment.

If you opt to send your payment using Check by mail and you are ordering from the Fashion Line, the product will be held for (5) business days to allow check clearance from the bank.

If your payment does not clear the bank, the merchandise will be released into inventory. BotoBata collects $30.00 on all returned checks.

Customized orders from our Catering and Event Planning Line require a deposit during the planning phase of the work and final payment before or on the day of the event.

We ship priority within the 48 United States and express on most international orders. International Orders, if you prefer to undertake the shipping component of your order, please express the need to your order specialist and the cost will be eliminated from your order. Once the order ships, you will be provided with a tracking number to follow its progress to destination.

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